Automatic calculation and optimization of batch compositions and glass properties

  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast and easy calculation of batch recipes
    • Reliable prediction of important glass properties
    • Optimization of quality through stabilization of glass chemistry
    • Minimization of batch and energy costs
    • Modern and comfortable user interface
    • Simple data exchange with laboratory and batch house

    Glass is only as good as its batch recipe. In view of constantly changing raw material compositions and rising raw material prices, the calculation of the optimum raw material weights for a given glass composition is a decisive factor in glass production.

    The best possible agreement between the target and the actual analysis of the glass as well as the resulting glass properties requires the consideration of all important technological factors such as evaporation losses and saturation limits.

    BatchMaker fulfills these basic requirements in a comfortable and flexible way and also offers many practical functions and tools.

  • Master data and Analyses

    • Administration of any number of chemical components, raw materials, foreign cullet and factory cullet
    • Free definition of calculated oxides (e.g. R2O = Na2O + K2O)
    • Assignment of all data to plants, melting furnaces and glass types
    • Definition of raw material-dependent evaporation factors for each chemical component
    • Plant-related management of chemical analyses, humidities and prices for all raw materials
    • Comfortable copy function for analyses

  • Glass recipes

    • Definition of target value, tolerance, saturation and evaporation for each chemical component
    • Free assignment of carrier raw materials to each chemical component with indication of the mixing ratio
    • Definition of fixed and relative additions (e.g. refining agents or cullet)
    • Calculation on mixer batch, amount of glass or basic ingredient (for example quartz sand)
    • Automatic target value adjustment for any chemical component

  • Batch recipes

    • Automatic calculation of raw material and cullet weights (dry and wet)
    • Calculation of glass and cost shares for each chemical component and each raw material
    • Calculation of the theoretical glass composition (synthesis) with tolerance check
    • Calculation of the redox number and important glass properties with graphical presentation
    • Correction test function (check whether changed raw material analyses require a recalculation)
    • Configurable report view