Real-Time Imaging Polarimeters for Standard Applications

  • Function

    Fast and easy measurement of mechanical stresses in glass, plastics and other transparent materials

    With the StrainScope, mechanical stresses can be measured and visualized in real time. The StrainScope can be used flexibly wherever conventional polariscopes and polarimeters are used. The StrainScope provides objective and reproducible readings and minimizes operator influence.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Automatic determination and color-coded representation of the stress distribution
    • Objective results, fast and easy operation
    • Quality improvement through measurement close to production
    • Traceability through automatic archiving of all parameters and results
    • Cost reduction through optimization of the production process

  • Applications

    • Container glass (annealing and cord stress)
    • Optical materials and components (stress birefringence)
    • Tubular glass and pharmaceutical packaging (residual stresses)
    • Lighting glass (residual stresses, glass-metal transition)
    • Technical polymer films (stress distribution)

  • StrainScope Models

StrainScope Annealing Tester

Measurement of residual stresses in container glass and tableware

StrainScope Cord Tester

Measurement of cord stresses in container glass

StrainScope Pharma Tester

Measurement of residual stresses in pharmaceutical glass packaging

StrainScope Optics Tester

Measurement of the stress birefringence in optical materials and components