StrainScope® Optics Tester

  • Function

    Real-time polarimeter for fast and precise measurement of the stress birefringence in optical materials and components

    Internal stresses affect the mechanical and optical properties of products made of glass and plastics, both in the manufacturing process as well as in the further processing.

    With the StrainScope Optics Tester you can measure residual stresses with high spatial resolution precisely and reproducibly – in real time and including orientation (azimuth angles). The telecentric optics enable the measurement of thick materials without parallax errors and the measurement of residual stresses in materials with intrinsic birefringence.

    The convenient archive function ensures that all measurement results are fully documented.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast and easy operation
    • Objective, reproducible and precise measurement results
    • Flexible for different measuring tasks
    • Complete traceability through automatic result documentation