StrainScope® Annealing Tester

  • Function

    Real-time polarimeter for fast and precise measurement of residual stresses in container glass and tableware

    Even in modern glass factories, residual stresses after the cooling process are still visually monitored with simple strain testers. The results are inaccurate, vary from user to user and are often under-documented.

    The StrainScope Annealing Tester delivers objective and accurate measurement results in a minimum of time – in all standard measuring units and compatible with established rating systems, such as apparent and real temper number according to ASTM C148. This allows you to specifically optimize production processes. Not only consistently high product quality is achieved, you can also minimize the energy consumption in the cooling process for each item.

    The convenient archive function ensures that all measurement results are completely documented. In case of a later complaint the proof of quality is provided quickly and beyond doubt.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast and easy operation
    • Prompt results displayed directly in the desired measuring unit
    • Consistently high product quality through testing close to production
    • Cost reduction by optimizing the energy use in the annealing process
    • Avoidance of customer complaints
    • Complete traceability through automatic result documentation